Friday Pause

Friday Pause: You’re a hero you can fly🕊️

Good morning! It's another bright and breezy day, so why don't we start it with some memes? Yep, today we got no news (or if...

Friday Pause: Oink oink🐷🐽🐖🐷

Hellloooooo there!   It's not typo, really. We are just so excited about Friday because boy, is there any better day than today? This week, we...

Friday Pause: Bangun tidur, ku terus mandi… 🛀🏻

Good morning! Finally, the (almost) weekend is here. If you want to Catch Up! with some news, we have it all right here, from navy submarine, Covid...

Friday Pause: It’s fearless ❤️💘

Good morning! Welcome back to Friday. Hope you're as excited as we are, because we have buuunch of Ramadan-related memes here. So, relax a little...

Friday Pause: Glad you came🎶🎶

Hello there,   Oooh, it's finally Friday! The day when you can lounge a little bit longer in bed while enjoying our tips, memes, and recs....

Friday Pause: My heart is so jet lagged ✈️

Good morning!   Welcome back to Friday aka our most favorite day of the week. We hope you've been productive this week, so you can lie...

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