Friday Pause

Friday Pause: Don’t call me angel 🕊️

Good morning Hi you, tired people. Friday is here, so let's just take a break from all Sambo drama, Covid-19, monkeypox, or any news...

Friday Pause: My heart is fried 💕💓💕

Good morning Yeay it's finally Friday! Yep, you're just a day away from a long, self-care weekend you deserve. Now, to make the transition...

Friday Pause: I hit you like bang!

Hello Oh how time flies. We're just a few days away from August now, and what's a better way to finish off another cool month...

Friday Pause: The blame is on me 💔💔

Good morning Uh oh it's finally Friday! Gotta admit, this past week's news is so full of drama, shocking truth, and intense information. So,...

Friday Pause: Can you hear the bass boom? 🔉

Good morning Hello there, it's finally Friday. Now you can take a deep breather from the crazy news during the week. Today, let's take...

Friday Pause: Castle on the Hill 🏰

Good morning Yeay it's finally Friday! And we'll be welcoming the weekend but not just your regular weekend... because Idul Adha is also just...

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