Friday Pause

Friday Pause: Today was a fairytale 💃🏻

Hello Welcome to July. As the new month starts, we hope you'll get fresh motivations and spirit to always push through in becoming the...

Friday Pause: Got stars in my eyes 👀

Yeay it's Friday! Good morning! Are you excited that we're just thiiiiis close to the weekend? Already got plans lined up? Really to roll tonight?...

Friday Pause: This hit, that ice cold 🍹

Good morning, Hello hello, Friday. Welcome to our most favorite time of the week again and we know you want to start it right so...

Friday Pause: I hear your heartbeat 💘💘

Good morning Here we are again in another Friday aka where the fun finally starts. So, what's your plan tonight? Watching movies with your SO?...

Friday Pause: Shawty got low, low, low 💅🏻💓

Hello! Welcome to Friday! Since it's still early in June, we want to encourage you to take it easy and slow, and have a little...

Friday Pause: Baby, you blow me away 💅🏻💓

Hello! Good morning. The weather has been really nice here @catchmeup! HQ, so why don't we start the day with some light run? You know,...

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