Friday Pause

Friday Pause: Sweet dreams of holly and ribbons 🎁

Hello Yes, it’s finally Friday again. As always, we hit the pause button today from all the serious news, and we’ll check out fun...

Friday Pause: I go back to December ❄️☃️

Hello OH how excited we are about December! The holiday spirit, the cold, the peppermint chocolate drinks (not Starbucks), the 12:12, the festive playlist......

Friday Pause: Oh how quickly, they forget 💤

Good morning Finally, Friday is here. It's our favorite day of the week because here's where all the fun starts! From memes to recs...

Friday Pause: New to town 🏘️

Good morning Hi you. It’s mid November and if your wallet is already dry, hang in there. We are a week away from payday...

Friday Pause: I would’ve stayed at home 🏡

Good morning Geez it’s finally Friday! If you’ve been looking forward for the weekend, us too. Now, as always, on Fridays we got podcast, memes, lots...

Friday Pause: We are chasin’ the moon 🌜

Good morning It's a great day because well, it's finally Friday! Time to unwind from all the stressful news and enjoy our well-selected fun...

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