Friday Pause

Friday Pause: Shiny toy with a price 💥

Good morning Welcome to Friday again! Yeay the weekend is finally here! Now, tell us a better combination of a perfect day than weekend...

Friday Pause: It’s gonna be me!

Happy Friday! Cheers for another upcoming weekend! We know you’re excited, so to start the day right, let’s take a listen to our podcast here....

Friday Pause: Hoot, hoot, hoot ◻️◼️

Good morning Yeay to Friday! It’s yet another beautiful day because the weekend is just tomorrow, the weather's been nice. We don’t know about...

Friday Pause: I’m not missing you 💔

Good morning Finally it’s Friday! The day to wind down, take a little break, listen to our podcast, and enjoy some memes/tips/recs on our newsletter...

Friday Pause: My life’s been magic 💥

Good morning Welcome to the greatest day of the week, aka Friday. It is awesome because well, the weekend lasts until Monday! Happy long weekend!...

Friday Pause: A fool for love 💝

Good morning It’s yet another gorgeous day. You’re @home with your family. Or if you’re still on the way for mudik, you’re excited to...

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