Listen Up! by Catch Me Up! Hadir Setiap Rabu & Jumat Jam 07.00 Pagi


Rise and shine!

Wake up, wake up, because today, we’ll talk about the booze controversy, Khashoggi, and some government incentives if you want to purchase a new house or a car. Yep, we’re looking at you, millennials. Ditch those kopsus and start saving for your dream ride or residence. Or no. Just do whatever makes you happy. It’s a rare commodity now. 
ANYWAY, a little announcement here…

Yep, we now have a podcast.

We named it “Listen Up!” where you’ll listen to all news, contexts and information from yours truly. Just like the newsletter, our podcast will be light, bite-sized and full of dry jokes to make your day brighter and smarter. Hit this link and subscribe. New episodes will air every Wednesday and Friday, at 7 AM. We’re sooooo EXCITED about our first episode tomorrow! SEE YOU!
Now, over to you, news.