Efek Work From Home, Meja Setrikaan Jadi Meja Kerja


For when you’ve been working from home…

Gambar: CNN

And you’re trying to get creative with home-office setup.
We know, working from home can be hard to do karena bawaannya mager terus (*guilty as charged*). Apalagi buat sebagian orang yang belum siap buat kerja dari rumah. Banyak yang kerja sambil tengkurap di tempat tidur (*guilty, again*) atau di meja makan atau di lantai. We’ve been trying to find inspirations on how to make our work-from-home office setups cuter and simpler supaya semakin memotivasi buat kerja. That’s when we came across this piece; I mean look at how this person is using a meja setrikaan jadi meja kerja. How creative is that, right? Share with us dong your home office setups on Instagram stories or Twitter@catchmeupid. Let’s motivate each other, gengs!