Piala Oscars 2020


It’s Friday, it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s Dataviz day! So while you’re eating chocolate for breakfast, let’s start your day with something casual…

Nope, not relationships *and it shouldn’t*.

It’s Dataviz.

So it always feels like every day is Valentine’s Day here at Catch Me Up! Headquarter. Thanks to you and your beautiful support, we’ve been feeling so much loved since Day One. So today, whether you decided to have your very own Valentine’s or Galantine’s Day, our Dataviz will come in handy as a conversation starter. Yep, soalnya kita mau bahas soal Academy Awards aka Oscars yang baru digelar Senin lalu! Scroll down, read up, and don’t feel awkward on tonight’s date. Good luck and Happy Val/Galentine’s Day!!