Profil Kemiskinan dan Ketimpangan di Indonesia 2019


It’s finally Friday and oh, what a crazy week it has been! So let’s start your day with our most-proud of dataviz on…

Poverty, aka kemiskinan.

Inget kan gengs bahwa di edisi kemarin, kita bahas soal data Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) terkait menurunnya tingkat kemiskinan di Indonesia? So, you get the brief: kemiskinan menurun, ketimpangan menurun, dll. But actually, there are a lot more data about that, and us, being the data-geek ourself, is eager to tell you more comprehensively. Makanya neh di Dataviz kali ini, kita ngomongin nggak cuma tingkat kemiskinan dan ketimpangan aja, tapi ada pemetaannya per daerah yang detail banget. We’re so impressed by our Dataviz team *uhuk* our own co-founder *uhuk* and we hope you are, too.

Enjoy, dig deep, and share this to your WhatsApp group. Yha kan sekali-kali daripada share sticker garing mulu…